Saturday  • April 5, 2014 •  Tallahassee, Florida U.S.A.  •  1/3 mile Swim  •  16 mile Bike  •  3.1 mile Run
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The duplicate membership option on the one-day license forms has been deleted. Athletes must bring proof of annual membership or purchase a one-day permit. If an athlete refuses to do one of the below, they will not be allowed to race. If an athlete forgets their card, they have four (4) options:
  1. Go back and get it
  2. Print off a temporary membership card from the USAT web site
  3. Purchase a one-day license
  4. Renew annual membership (extends current membership 12 additional months) online and bring proof of renewal.

Photo ID
ALL athletes are required to show photo ID. NO ID, NO RACE, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Every single participant in your race must have a photo ID.

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