Saturday  • April 5, 2014 •  Tallahassee, Florida U.S.A.  •  1/3 mile Swim  •  16 mile Bike  •  3.1 mile Run
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Red Hills Triathlon is a sanctioned event and USAT rules will be enforced. It is recommended you check the rules. Click here for rules.

You will receive your official race packet which includes your instructions, your race bib number to be worn on your person for the run and finish of the race. The cardboard number and twist-ties are for your bike. These numbers cannot be replaced so do not forget them race morning. A swim cap will be issued to you according to your "wave" (the group you swim with). Do not forget this cap race morning. You must wear the cap issued you and start in the designated wave. You must have your race number after the race to retrieve your gear from the transition area. This is for loss prevention. No bikes will leave the transition area without a race number.

Race day is here! We use a timing system that requires a computer chip on a velcro band. This will be given to you at packet-pickup. Make sure it is secure on your ankle and not too tight. If the Velcro seems loose, tell a volunteer at the packet-pickup tent and she or he will issue another strap with the same chip. Near the transition area you will see many volunteers with black marker pens ready to mark your race number on your arms and legs. You may at this time take your bike and gear into the transition area. Each bike spot will be numbered. Find your spot, rack your bike and arrange your gear in a small area under your bike. There will be many trained volunteers in the area to answer your questions. Once your bike is racked, you may not take it out until after the swim, so check your tires and gears before entering this area.

Things to know:
  • Plugs on the end of your handlebars are mandatory and you will be disqualified taking your bike out without plugs.
  • No relative, friend or child can assist you or enter this secure area. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please allow plenty of time to do all of these things and get to the swim start early to participate in the singing of The Star Spangled Banner and to listen to the instructions by the Swim Coordinator.
  • If you for any reason do not complete the swim, your chip will be removed at the shoreline and you may not finish the race. This is a triathlon.
  • You must walk/run your bike out of the transition area, walking over the timing mat and then mount your bike for the tide.
  • Your helmet strap must be buckled and remain buckled until you dismount your bike upon returning to the transition area.
  • You must rack your bike exactly the same as before and not move another's bike.
  • Always be watchful of other athletes as you move in and out of the transitions and follow instructions of the officials and volunteers who are there for your safety.
  • The race number must be worn on a race belt or pinned to some part of your attire for the run and must be seen in the front. Pins will be available in boxes at the packet pick-up.
  • At any time of the race you drop out please notify a race official and return your timing chip to the volunteers at the finish line.
  • There is a $30.00 fee for chips not returned.
  • No one is allowed back into the transition area until the last biker has left and the officials have opened an area for exit.
  • Be aware of those last runners coming in and do not block the race course.
  • Stay and cheer for these finishers who deserve a cleared course to the finish line.
All of us on the race committee wish you a most memorable experience on completing this triathlon. We hope you will go on to train for the longer distances and always train safe and respect our rules and those of USATriathlon, our governing body for this sport. Thank you for choosing the Red Hills Triathlon for your first event we hope to see you back next year!

Kathy McDaris - Race Director
Red Hills Triathlon Committee

12 week training schedule and workout begin January

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